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Does Having Two Religions Matter? (Speech)
(A copy of the speech I delivered a while ago)

For the sake of this speech, please forget that my name is Christian.

Who among of you is technically a Christian? And who among of you is a non-Christian? How about a Christian as well as a non-Christian?

Honestly, I belong to the last category- practicing two religions at a time. I do.

I was born and raised in Sagada, a town that was once the center of Anglicanism in this country. This makes me, my grandparents and the British Royal family share the same religion.

I grew up knowing that Jesus is the Son of God. I enjoy celebrating Christmas Day which is about to come in a few weeks. I was groomed to act good to be saved from the wrath of hell.

Forget about the differences between Anglicanism, Catholicism and other sects because we all believe in one God.

One God?

I have another God, on top of that Christian God thingy.

I also grew up knowing that Kabunyan is the Son of God. When I got very sick, we butchered chicken and offered wine to spirits around. Before we occupied our newly-built house, we conducted a series of Pagan rituals.

I’m not just a Christian. I’m also a Pagan.

But hey, look at me! What difference does it make if I practice more than one religion?  I eat rice three times a day, laugh at jokes and strive to do my best at work- just like everybody else in this room does. I’m not different at all.

Now for the sake of the humanity, always remember that my name is Christian but it doesn’t mean that I am as Christian as what others expect of a Christian.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner based in Ortigas Center. In the past eight years, he has passionately worked with real estate, software, and IT service brands. To get in touch, please shoot at email to [email protected]

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