While everyone is grieving over the unbelievable disaster in Bohol, someone from the cyberspace has let us regain back our smile.

Upon reading a tweet about the shaking of “Bohol fault”, user Lhady Mae responded immediately with her own understanding of the tweet.

She thought Bohol was being blamed for the disaster. Thus, she jumped in to defend Bohol. She said it right: it was just a disaster.

To put more power on to her tweet, she even tagged GMA 7 News to her tweet.

However, something is wrong with the tweet. So it went viral. While writing this post, the star tweet has drawn 1, 116 re-tweets and has been marked as "favorites" 951 times.

Now a top talk of the town because of her misunderstanding but she has got the correct point, Lhady Mae can now run for a seat in Congress next election.

Check her tweet; follow her on Twitter without bashing her because she did nothing wrong, and tell me, whose fault was the Bohol fault shaking. 

As what she pointed out on her Twitter page, she is not perfect. It is not her fault. It is not an accident. Everyone is not perfect- even me.