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How to Treat Myself During SM Baguio's 3-Day Sale (Oct 18-20, 2013)

Thanks God, the company I am working for is giving away cash incentives this October (I can smell some partying and unlimited pasta).This means, I can buy some of the things I’ve been checking on at SM City Baguio.

The last time I received my bonus was last April when my dad stayed with me for weeks for his series of medical check-ups and hospitalization.

This time, I am thankful that the bonus- a blessing- pours as SM City Baguio launches another round of 3-Day Sale which will be on October 18, 19 and 20.

What’s with SM City Baguio’s 3-Day Sale this October that it is noted on my calendar? There will be up to 50% discount on special items.

On top of the big discount, SM Store has prepared a series of loyalty rewards that can help us save more money for the future.

1.    October 18 (Friday) 9AM-11AM: We get 10% discount on top of above-mentioned discount if we use our SM Advantage card.

2.     We get +5% rebate for a minimum single-receipt worth P5,000,00 if we use our BDO Credit Card.

3.    October 19-20 (Saturday- Sunday) We get a P100-worth coupon with every P2,000 single-recipient.

4.    For every P2,000 purchase, we get a chance to win an Internet TV set.

Since this is a right timing to buy, I am going to consider getting these things:

1.    A Filipino design wall decoration (unless you give me one of your paintaings to display on the wall of my flat)

2.    A new necktie that is a bit retro (I may not be a fan of Marilyn Monroe and John Travolta but I admire the beauty and fashion of yesteryears)

3.    A diary notebook to start  with my Bridget Jones-inspired journal. Who knows, I might be the next J.K. Rowling!

4.    Mugs for my coffee antic and regular solo tea party!

5.    A new collared t-shirt that I can use at work during semi-corporate uniform days. Of course I want a green t-shirt with white stripes.

I know I have been very workaholic in the past few weeks, that I even forgot to complete my 8-hour sleep ritual. Now is the time to buy things to give myself a reward.

How do I reward myself? Things have changed ever since I started working.

1.    I shop for the things that I love at malls or online. This is definitely what I will do during the SM City Baguio 3-Day Sale.

2.    I eat all the food that I like. Zio's Pizza and The Old Spaghetti House, get ready for my arrival!

3.    I go to a bookstore to buy magazines and books. My new favorite is Entrepreneur Magazine.

4.    I go for a walk. I miss doing this. I do this every weekend with Sean Likigan when we were both staying in Windy Hill, La Trinidad.

5.    I sleep. This is the best! I know many people agree with me.

As of now, I’ll enjoy shopping. Next time, I’ll enjoy traveling the world (crossed fingers). 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner based in Ortigas Center. In the past eight years, he has passionately worked with real estate, software, and IT service brands. To get in touch, please shoot at email to [email protected]

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