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Please Help the Philippines Now

Authorities in the Philippines have estimated that more than 12,000 lives were lost when typhoon Yolanda (the international name is Haiyan) hit the central regions of the country.

Before the typhoon reached the the Philippines, media men and governent agencies have already given warnings to Filipinos that a super typhoon will be having a landfall on the country. As predicted, it really was the strongest typhoon in hsitory. 

Luckily for me who lives in the northern city of Baguio, we were just affected with the super strong winds. Last Friday, it started drizzling here. In the evening, the wind was really really strong. The next day when I went out to attend the Google GDayX, fallen tree branches were everywhere. There was no electricity also.

Now, please help our brothers in affected regions. Here are links that we can visit if we want to give even a cent or a small portion of our salary this month. Please :)

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