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Sagada In the Eyes of a Top-Load Passenger

Whenever I go home to Sagada, I always make ways to do crazy things. This year, I climbed a moving jeepney and take photos of everything I could see. 

I do not recommend sitting on top of a jeep when in Sagada especially when you know that you cannot hold your body against a moving surface. 

It's risky. I don't want you to die in my hometown so let's not take risks if you know you won't be able to manage yourself on top of a jeep while traversing a terrain. 

In my younger years, my father would not start the jeep when we do not come down from the top of the vehicle. 

Now that I am a grown-up piggy kid, no one is worried that I might fall off. Here are the pics: 

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Anonymous said...

whew....i missed Sagada...
looking at the pics, gusto ko na magpack my bag
and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

I wish that Philippine Tourism will develop Sagada and other northern tourist spots. This way, people will be self sufficient already just like in La Trinidad. I hope too that their local; products will be sold in the local market of Baguio, so both local and international tourists will be aware what is outside of Baguio and that way, they will be interested to go and see Sagada and other places, personally. I see the big potential for Sagada and other undiscovered tourist spots of the North. Please, Philippine Tourism make the Northern part of Baguio also known, not only Subic and the Tagalog region.

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