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Got A Gay Sibling? Your Siblings' Day Must Be Awesome

I cannot locate a picture showing my five siblings so let me use words to celebrate this #siblingsday craze on Facebook. 

We are six kids in the family. All boys, making our house appear like a men's dormitory. 

Up for a basketball team? No, there is one glamorous member of the supposed-to-be team. That's me- a black sheep to be rude! 

Some people are annoyed to see me join the line of the all-boy siblings. Not my problem. Not my brothers' either because my sexuality has never been an issue to them. Although it has been to other stupid morons who judge our family with non-sense reasoning. 

My siblings know- not perfectly know- how to care for a girl even if they only practiced with me (yes, they treat me like a lady and if you have any problems with that, why not just cut your throat?) and my little mom. 

They know how to deal with women because we have female cousins who in any other way act as loving sisters to us ever since we were born. 

Believe it or not, we never thirst for a female sibling because we are already blessed with many female cousins who are very close to us.

I know my family, my siblings are not perfect. And I won't deal with how imperfect our family is. 


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