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Virtual Campus Baguio Outlet SWITCHed On

If there is something that we, the younger people, needed to reiterate to our parents and teachers, that would be the importance of virtual activities on mobile phones, tablets and laptops in the learning process.

Gadgets are not evil at all, even though we keep on hearing stories about kids who failed their subjects due to the abusive use of computers and phones. 

In fact, the above-mentioned technological advances can act as a teacher to learners and can help explain the process of photosynthesis, the difference between adjectives and adverbs, the Pythagorean Theorem, the composition of matter and other academic concepts that are typically taught using boring books, misleading journals and inaccurate illustrations.

To make learning more effective and more fun, we need to use the language of the learners and not of the teachers. Thus, Asia-based web company 88DB came up with Virtual Campus that provides schools with interesting e-learning solutions.

Virtual Campus is the “first and only Filipino-made educational technology platform with a complete social solution for academic institutions.” It does “foster a transformative learning approach that enables new possibilities for communication, collaboration and exchange of information between educators and students.”

On May 9, we were invited to attend the launching of the first Virtual Campus outlet in Baguio. Called “Switch”, the Virtual Campus is located at Camp John Hay’s Technonub.

I used my lunch break to attend the event. When I arrived, everything I was seeing was Apple- computers, laptops, iPhone casings, iPad accessories, etc. During the speech of one of the owners of the outlet, it was mentioned that they are an authorized Apple re-seller.

As I roamed around, I saw familiar faces. There were delegates from the University of the Baguio and Saint Louis University for the opening of the e-learning pioneer store. It was also my first time to meet Charlotte Anne, a fellow blogger.

Upon knowing that Switch provides education software solutions to schools, I started opening up about our ongoing corporate social responsibility campaign at New Media Services

Our campaign deals with collecting old and refurbished iPads then installing Deaf-friendly educational apps. Deaf learners from Baguio City Special Education Center would be the priority beneficiaries of the campaign.

Fortunately, I had the chance to talk to Optimus Senior Marketing Manager and Educational Lead Elmer M. Guizado, Apple Educational Solutions Manager Michelle Cidro Casio and other guys from their team about the project.

I was a bit shy since it appears that I was there to solicit some help for our campaign when in fact, the main reason why I was there was to see join the launching. 

While there was on ongoing demonstration with the technologies Switch is offering, I proceeded with a small conversation with some guys about the CSR project. I also enjoyed the food prepared for the special event. There were insights I was able to gain from talking to those wonderful guys.

After less an hour, I shamelessly bid goodbye. I had to go back before the one-hour lunch break is over. I felt lucky to have learned something that day and to  have talked to people who might be of great help to our cause.

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: I was hungry that time but I was not in the mood to eat some Yellow Cab pizza! 

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: Good thing I do not own an Apple phone, or else I would have found myself buying one of these:

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: Judgment time for me. One donut for me and that's all. This is the climax of the event!

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: Oh the Yellow Cab again!

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: Delegates tuning in to the demo (there's gonna be a seat work afterwards).

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: "Your LMS just got mobile and social!". Wait, what is LMS again? 

 Switch Technohub Opening Craze: I first talked to Mr. Tan about the CSR project before he started with the demo.

Switch Technohub Opening Craze: No special event could pass by without a selfie!

Before anything else, like Virtual Campus on Facebook and visit Switch at Technohub to know more about their offerings.

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