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Why Benzoyl Peroxide Still the Sexiest Anti-Acne Solution

Tens of brands claim to have the right ingredient for acne, paying attractive celebrities to endorse their offering. Forget advertising and let us go down to the real thing- the classic Benzoyl Peroxide that can found in Proactiv acne solutions, does the real job.

Benozoyl peroxide is an old anti-acne name that even your grandmother used when she was still a teenager. In fact, it is part of the World Health Organizationlist of essential medicines. Thus, it is available everywhere.

As an acne solution, benozoyl peroxide kills P. acnes bacteria making it a good candidate in preventing blackheads, whiteheads and big red pimples. It also helps in unblocking the pores.

Doctors recommend it for those suffering from mild to moderate acne. Just a reminder, benzoyl peroxides is not an antibiotic.

To come up with the best acne solution, Proactiv developed Micro-crustal benzoyl perodixide that is found in the Proactiv 3-Step System’s Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and Repairing Treatment (Step 3).

A crystalline BPO is finely milled to penetrate the pores gently and fast, and control the acne cycle underneath the skin.

Here are other facts that you need to know when treating acne:

1.    Be gentle to your skin. Harsh scrubbing may worsen the condition.

2.   Combining different acne products that cleanse and scrub may just irritate the skin.

3.    Choose brands with surfactant ingredients, not harsh detergents, for a sudsy foam and lather.

4.    Salisylic acid may be a good alternative but it does not kill P. acne bacteria that may cause acne breakouts.

5.    It is best to gently wash the skin with some medicated cleanser with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and sulfur.

6.    When your doctor prescribes you oral drugs to address your worsening acne problem, never leave without asking about the side effects of the drug.

Learn how some individuals dealt with their acne problems and get a full list of solutions that you can use to stay free from acne, visit Proactiv now.

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