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A Taste of Victoria Court Malate's Asgard with Certified Bloggers Network

Whenever I stare at the logo of Victoria Court, I cannot help but get naughty things aboard my naughy mind.

However after Victoria Court Malate opened its doors during the first Christmas party of Certified Bloggers Network, I thought the word "naughty" is an understatement.

Together with a number of bloggers that I have interacted with during my short career at Salarium, I stepped into one of Victoria Court’s suite unit called "Asgard". 

The interior design of Asgard is inspired by Norse Mythology. And yes, we fancied pulling the hammer of Thor which is one of the highlights of the suite.

Asgard has a karaoke room perfect for a Filipino party. We sang common melodies, and even had a contest relying on the machine's score system (unfortunately, I and another blogger Jaja Ramirez lost).

For couples on a honeymoon date, Asgard has a very romantic bedroom. Its flipping door adds more spectacle to the experience.

Better yet, check out these pictures:

Sol Razo, the mother of the blogger group, worked hard to make the party a memorable one.  Grateful to be part of her group! Merry Christmas!

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