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FAME Delights Bloggers at Green Sun Hotel

After the Christmas Party of Certified Bloggers Network at  Victoria's Court Malate, I had the chance to attend the Christmas Party of Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions (FAME) at Green Sun Makati Arts and Entertainment Hotel.

Since I had difficulties finding Green Sun Hotel, which was just a few blocks across MRT Magallanes, I was shamelessly late when I arrived at the venue. Thus, I was uneasy.

I spent a hundred bucks for a not-so pleasant taxi ride that forced me to go down along the road going to Mantrade  Extension because I was not certain about my destination.

I was among those who first heard of FAME. It is a subsidiary of Trianoin International Group of Companies, headed by Dr. Rafael Castillo.

The party went well. DJ Grace, a famous television presenter, also talked on stage to promote her show. 

We were also given a small bowl of tupperware with tiramisu in it, which appeared interesting to us because of the its natural coffee taste. There was a demo on how to prepare the food first before our tiramisu bowl was handed to us for tasting.

I was seated next to blogger couple Ace and Oscar, Ace Paragoyo, and another blogger couple Ris and Sol Razo.

We went home with a set of DiabetEase and Travel Plus magazines, a small Tupperware bowl, sleep enhancing and liver supplement pills, jogging kit that measures how many steps a person has made, hair grooming products, and gift certificates.

I gave some of the items to my cousin in Baguio, since some stuff were impossible for me to use. Say for instance the hair curling solution- I could not use one because I keep my hair short all the time.

If there is something that I liked about the event, that would be the people at FAME who are incredibly polite and professional.

Read more about the event: 

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