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Trend Watching: Globe Anti-Spam Drive A Crowd-Sourcing Campaign Likely to Become Top Consumer Trend in 2015

Hats off to Globe Telecom as it's anti-spam campaign  has been recognized to be an unlikely trend this 2015.

In fairness, Globe has been consistent in combatting spam and scam messages. As a humble subcriber since 2013, it always irritates me to receive unpermitted spam messages from insurance and real estate companies selling-- even worse when they call you, and you keep on wondering where the hell did they get your number.

When the anti-spam drive of Globe was launched last year, I noticed I no longer receive those kind of messages.

As the telecom gian acts to stop thousands of spam messages landing in the inbox of its subscribers, Trend Watching recognized the telecommunication company’s drive as a great example of crowd-sourcing campaign expected to become one of the top consumer trends in 2015.

Trend Watch noted:

“From Manila to Mumbai, 2015 will see the pace of change and innovation (will) continue to accelerate across Asia. The evolution of consumer expectations is endless, and the year ahead will be one where fortunes are made, remade and unmade in every corner of APAC. Trends aren't really the point; opportunities are. Each one of the 10 trends highlights a key, actionable innovation opportunity that could see you serve, delight, surprise or build stronger relationships with consumers.”

The agency forecasts that brands, governments and institutions will tap consumer action and participation in effecting lasting change.

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