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Paintings Go On Sale at Rence Gallery in Cubao

A total of 150 painting are on sale at the Rence Art Gallery and Frame Gallery until February 28 this month.

Among the masterpieces from 50 exhibiting Filipino painters, my favorite is a set by Aris Bagtas. The artists painted the surroundings of two flatirons.

Since I was present at the launching on January 25, I can’t help but notice a set tribute paintings to beauty queen Joyce Pilarsky by B. Dela Cruz Evalle.

I don't want to start a fire, but the controversial Salubong painting was also there.

Another unique painting is that of Kay Magsino that uses staple wires to create an image.
Materials used include canvas, wood (chair and table), metal (flatiron) and plastic (doll). The mediums were oil, acrylic, water color, charcoal, staple wire, and ink (digital/computerized).

To check out other artworks, go to:

#3 Purdue St. Cubao,
Quezon City, Philippines

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