Getting out from the stressful view of the metro to be a kid once more is a need once in a while to enjoy what life has got to offer us.

Traveling for two hours from Metro Manila to see Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Calumpang, Mabalacat City, Pampanga is a good option. The zoo will not just make you feel young; it will also challenge your health.

When you reach Zoocobia, what do you see? Let’s start with this view of the restaurant. 

Inside Zoocobia: The view of the barn in the middle of the mountains.

Inside Zoocobia: Standing from the restaurant, you would see three slides. 

Inside Zoocobia: Bicycles. These are for rent if you want to explore the whole farm freely. 

Inside Zoocobia: The nature.

Inside Zoocobia: The wild nature which you can explore using a 4X4.

Inside Zoocobia: A camel ride waiting for you.

Inside Zoocobia: Birds you could feed. Just prepare P20.00. 

Inside Zoocobia: And more birds of different species.

Inside Zoocobia: And rare birds you only see on TV. But they're here at Zoocobia.

Inside Zoocobia: And another bird that may not be from the Philippines.

Inside Zoocobia: You can try to use your brain cells to identify what type of bird this is. I would rather not. That's stressful!

Inside Zoocobia: You don't go home without getting a memorabilia from this farm.

Inside Zoocobia: These amazing kids are indigents of Pampanga. Some of them wear "bahag".

Inside Zoocobia: Here is another camel inside the shade. The other camels are being used for a ride. 

Inside Zoocobia: It's a deer!

After around four hours, you may now say goodbye to Zoocobia Fun Zoo. For sure, you are able to wipe away the pressure in your head. Thanks to the animals and mother nature Zoocobia has gathered for you!