Last June, I celebrated my birthday. And it felt I have fulfilled one tenth of my bucket list.
To go beyond the woodlands of the Cordilleras is my main reason why I am in the lowlands exploring the different opportunities that fit my capabilities as a Communications practitioner.

As I explore the other side of the world, it feels very fulfilling to know I have seen different beaches and talked to a variety of characters. I don’t think I can do these things if I chose to stay stuck in the corner of my home town and home city.

Because I want to tell the tales of my adventure, I am opening an innocent travel blog. I like to use the internet to share where I have been and what I have been doing.

I do not make big money for grand vacations and I do not travel that much. In fact, I only travel once in every blue moon if I am with blogger friends.

The little stories I gather from my little adventures are enough for me to write about.

You can visit the blog: