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On Reviews of Experience with GL/Lizardo Buses

The other day, I have read a long post about his terrible experience on a Bontoc-bound bus. Now I am reading such a pleasant review.

Just like any other service provider, GL/Lizardo Trans is no perfect company with perfect staff for a perfect ride. It has been there for decades transporting us to Baguio, Sagada, Besao, Bontoc, Tabuk and Baler. 

As a native of Sagada, I grew up knowing GL/Lizardo buses as the new version of "Dangwa". It has got its share of frowning passengers, but it also has its share of satisfied customers.

I know things could go wrong one day because not everything can be controlled. But I think there are more positive things to talk about our bus experience than the negative ones.

Nevertheless, no stories are left unheard by the authority.

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