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Why I Want to Make Wine Now

After seeing photos of the mountains a few weeks ago, I began getting homesick. The very high temperature of the metropolis fueled my hunger for the cold weather of Sagada.

I started imagining the wild berries at Mt. Ampacao which divides the towns of Sagada and Besao. Back when we were kids, we would climb the tall mountain for two hours to reach its peak for wild berries.

However nowadays whenever I go home, time to climb the said mountain is a luxury I could not afford. The only time I remember the berries is when I see bottles of wine displayed for tourists.

When I was in college, my mom used to make wine. I was tasked to buy plastic gallons where she could ferment juice extracts from guava, persimmon and other fruits available in the backyard.

My mother did not make wines for commercial purpose, so her equipment was quite limited. She eventually stopped.

Last week when fermenting fruit juices crossed my mind, I gave her a call and asked her about the process. She admitted she has forgotten already the entire process and instead refer me to Gabay Wines, a neighbor producing wines for more than a decade already.

While drinking Emperador Lights with my workmates, I made up my mind. I told myself to try it.

Thus this morning, I confirmed with a good friend about the yeast being used which comes from North America. I placed my order on Galleon, and I am expecting the order of 20 packs of yeast to arrive in two weeks.

Of course I am excited to go back to Sagada and ferment wine before hitting back the road to Metro Manila. Let’s see how I could avail of that time.

I'll let you know about the updates of this new interest. By the way, please visit my Travel Blog: Capturing Footprints


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