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Bucket List: Before I Turn Losyang

The month of May was a roller coaster for me. June, as my birth month, should behave so I will restore my faith in life.

That's a threat. Well, I mean it.

Seriously, it was a hell of a ride this May. Nothing special came my way, aside from the fact that I had no chance to be sexy on the beach because of my ever growing stomach. Blame the cook at the office who never failed to serve delicious food.

I am blowing the candle in the coming few days. By the way I would love to celebrate that special day with this cake (I am calling on good Samaritans out there who wish to share me their blessings). 

Here’s what I want to do:

1. Go home. Period. I want to re-connect with the cold winds of Sagada. I have finalized I am going to Sagada this June for at least three days. I will go to Marlboro Country and Blue Soil with Lanban, my super best friend, and we will hunt for wild berries and pitcher plant. 

2. DSLR Camera. Brand can be Canon or Nikon. It should be take videos. I have a sad story on this: When I expressed my interest to have my workmate loan me money for a DSLR camera, the camera at the office got stolen. And we started to shell out our own money to purchase a replacement. What an unlucky soul! Who wants to offer me a good deal? A second hand cam is okay.

3. More brains. I want to pursue training in online content production, digital marketing, and stock trading. I want to explore opportunities in the online world. I want to upgrade my skills in targeting clients through online means. I want to know more about this game of fortune. Actually I opened an account with UTrade but the account is not active. Maybe I need friends who are into this type of hobby (or profession) so I could also become active. 

Before I end, here are tiny things on my bucket list:

-To get my passport renewed. I am waiting for my birth certificate from the Local Registrar's Office to supplement my unclear PSA-issued one
-To open a new Filipino culture blog with my own writers. I always wanted this but it seems I am not getting a good push
-To be able to blog twice a week. I know my new workplace will let me do this. 
-To live with my youngest brother and show him Metro Manila so he won't think that Sagada is the world
-To lose weight. Boring. Yet I say this every single day and forget it every time I am in front of the dining table. 

I need some luck. May this picture bring me some. 

See yeah!

A Marketing Communications specialist on weekdays and a life wanderer on weekends, Christian Lizardo Aligo enjoys working in the real estate industry. For more info, email him at [email protected]


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