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Recommended Travel Blog #3: Charlotte Anne
Most Recommended Travel Blog to Collab With in 2019
#3: Charlotte Anne  

Charlotte Anne literally chases “dreams behind the glasses one place at a time.” The blog publishes stories about the first-hand escapades of the blogger-- with super interesting notes. 

The blogger, Charlotte Anne de Peralta, goes down from her Baguio City residence to get to the heart of a travel experience. She does not mind spending long hours on the bus or an amount of money just to cover a story.

The first time we covered the same event was at the opening of Switch, an Apple re-seller store in Camp John Hay (she may not be aware of that fact). We then went to different places for various travel blogging gigs here in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

Charlotte is also a real estate practitioner and an entrepreneur. Thus when I went up to Baguio for my recruitment a few years ago, she was one of the first persons I consulted with.

I love Charlotte not because both of us speak Ilocano. She spends both time, money and energy just to deliver stories that are carefully-written and informative. 

Note: All photos are screenshots from the actual website of the recommended blog.

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