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Recommended Travel Blog #4: iKen

Most Recommended Travel Blog to Collab With in 2019
#4: iKen
Website Link:
iKen is undeniably a global travel blog brand. The blog gives a glimpse of how it feels to be in different countries from both edges of the world, from our home court in Asia to the expensive (for someone from the Philippines) Europe. 

The blogger behind iKen is Kenneth Surat, an architect, interior designer, and entrepreneur. He is a former overseas Filipino professional in Dubai.

Interestingly, he crafts journals that utilizes genuine leather resources. In fact, I own one “Surat” journal where I wrote everything that I wanted in life. 

Kenneth was my roommate when we covered the Baragatan Festival in Puerto Princesa. That out of town travel was one of my worst having left some problem at my workplace, but he was very understanding. He never raised an eyebrow.

In fact, Kenneth was recently tapped by Western Union for one of its promotional videos. View the video HERE. 

Note: All photos are screenshots from the actual website of the recommended blog.

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