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Recommended Travel Blog #8: Travel with Karla

Most Recommended Travel Blog to Collab With in 2019
#8: Travel with Karla
Website Link:
Travel with Karla shows the journey of an English teacher from the Philippines who has gone beyond the horizon to satisfy her Korean cravings- K-Drama, K- Pop, and anything that starts with K.

The English teacher is Karla Obispo. I met her recently at an event in Tagaytay. One of the notable posts that can be found on her blog deals with the reasons why a Korean visa application gets denied.

Karla once worked in South Korea, and she has gone to different film locations of famous Korean drama series. And everyone followed her, making a historic turn in her blogging career. 

Karla is now spearheading efforts to organize bloggers from the Cavite- Laguna- Batangas area or collectively The South, aside from serving more exclusive stories about South Korea, an addiction that almost all Filipinos are guilty of.

 Note: All photos are screenshots from the actual website of the recommended blog.


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