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Christian Lizardo Aligo - Expressing my meaty, sexy and crazy thoughts that will strike hard against your harder balls! Let's talk about Sagada and the Igorot-landia, my journey to the PR and real estate industries, national and international political controversies, and other stuff that cross my mind. Email me at [email protected] to connect with my hairless bangs.


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1.     This is a personal blog of Christian Lizardo Aligo, written, edited and published by the blogger himself via Blogger. 

2.     All thoughts contained on this blog are merely opinions of the blogger. The blogger has all the right to be a pro, anti or neutral to any topic he is writing on. The blogger writes about issues that he thinks are relevant and interesting to him and to his readers.

3.    Photos contained on this blog are either taken on the internet via Google Search or originally-produced. The blogger does not claim copied pictures as his. The blogger also grants other online publishers the right to use his original photos but without tampering them and claiming the materials as theirs.

4.    Paid posts and press releases are allowed on this site. However, the blogger has the full control when it comes to the published version of the press material.

5.       Comments are encouraged and allowed on this blog. However, any user generated material is moderated by the blogger himself. The blogger has the privilege to publish or not publish a comment or any user submission. The blogger will not and will never edit any user submission to agree with his preferences or point of view.

6.     Re-publishing of articles is allowed, as long as the interested party on the internet gives a back-link to the site. If the medium involved for the republishing is print, it is necessary to submit an email to the blogger for due notification.

To contact the blogger, send an email to [email protected] 



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