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Listening to Sarah Brightman, sleeping 25 hours a day, watching Vice Ganda shows, drinking gin and brandy on the beach, eating singkamas and tinapa


Marketing Communications Officer at Cathay Land, the real estate developer of South Forbes, Acienda Designer Outlet, CLIP, Fullerton Suites, Mallorca Villas


Mass Communication and Certificate in Teaching (Licensed) at St. Louis University, University of Life Major in Adulting and UV Express Commuting


Call me at 0943.308.5100. Shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com. PM me at fb.com/christianaligo. Tweet to @christianaligo


New Media Services/ Rossking in Baguio as PR Comms Supervisor, Salarium in Makati as Mktg Supervisor, Duraville/Lancris in Paranaque as Mktg Supervisor


A dark-skinned, grace-less Igorot folk, who at times is asked whether or not bears Chinese blood, needs to smile to tell the world he's happy because of an angry resting face

Recent Stories

A Coronavirus Tragedy: I wanna be home BUT

As I drew near my mother, Lourdes, who was outside our house doing her laundry, I realized that I am messing around with the local authority. I knew from the start that everyone, just like my cousin, Khujie, who is coming home to Sagada is required to undergo a 14-day quarantine in a designated facility.

I traveled all the way to Sagada for 12 hours and got away with the protocol. My mom  saw me and before she could do a move, I woke up-- It was just a dream, a product of homesickness of this lonely soul in Quezon City.

In real life, my 60-year old mom is a big fan of Smart's Unli Call promo. She would call me to nag about my food supplies and insist to send me "better" goodies, which is impossible with the suspension of  public transportation across Luzon.

At one point, my mom advised me to find ways to be home. That's when I saw in the news about  individuals being smuggled in to Baguio City.

Earlier in the building where I live, we had two cases of coronavirus. The admin of the building admitted that the infected persons were inside the building since no facility can accommodate them due to the soaring number of cases in the city.

Confined in my room, I tried to be productive by volunteering in two major causes. 

First is in the Store Finder PH, a crowd-sourcing app that helps to identify the nearest open stores, pharmacies, refilling stations, and other essential establishments during the pandemic. I assisted by writing press releases and helped in its distribution to make sure that the write-up I did would reach its intended audience.

Second is in the relief drive for Cordillerans who are stranded in Metro Manila just like me. I made visuals and social media postings to solicit for donations and inform my fellows that there is this new group that distributes food door to door.

 Days turned into weeks. And the painful truth hit me: this could last for months.

I received a confirmation that what we have been receiving were leave credits and advanced 13th month benefits. Nevertheless, we had money to buy ourselves food. I know some who were terminated by the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). 

As per government subsidies for workers, I have never received any. But again, having not contracted the virus is already an advantage.

Being confined inside an 18-square meter residence in a stranger’s land was cruel. Despite my family’s effort to check on me, I still got very lonely and chose to be glued to my bed day in and day out.

Until one day, I received the news that we can go back to work at a 50% capacity. My rapid test turned out negative which gave me a license to ease my biggest fear.

Then one morning, I read in the news that a police officer in Buguias, Benguet caught the virus and that this police officer went home to Besao which is next to Sagada the day before the results of his medical test revealed the bad news.

Sagada grew more worried as one of the persons who interacted with the police officer was also found to be positive with the virus days after.

Look, I also wanted to go home despite the fact that I needed to be in a quarantine facility first for 14 days before seeing my family. But there are two facts that make me weigh on this: I live in a building with its third case and I am from Metro Manila which is the center of the pandemic in Luzon. 

Despite another fact that my rapid test results say I am clear, I choose the safer option. 

What if when I get home, Sagada gets its first case and people start blaming those coming from Metro Manila? Fact: we can get the virus while on the way. 

Still for my family, I choose the safest- I will stay here while the country is plagued by this virus. It will get better for sure. And and when that happens, I can run home for real with no BUT. 

Am I Against the CPD Law?

My license is expiring in June this year. According to the new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law, I need to attend seminars with certificates to be able to renew the license.

I am okay with the law as I believe in its cause- to improve professional services in the country. The only problem is I do not have the CPD units.

I sent a private message to the Facebook Page of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) inquiring about my renewal. After minutes of waiting, I was replied saying I can renew my license without the CPD units given I sign an undertaking agreeing the lacking number of units will be added to my CPD requirement for my next renewal.

It was clarified, zero or lacking units are accepted but only until December this year.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am not against the law. However when I was looking for schools that could give me the required CPD, it turned out to be a treasure hunting expedition.

Accessibility is my main issue. I do not find many schools that offer weekend classes for the CPD; if it was offered at a venue inside an SM mall, I would grab that opportunity.

There have been reports that many institutions have made the CPD law their milking cow. Footages show attendees sitting on the floor just to finish the seminar and get their CPD certificate in the end.

The CPD law is noble. But the implementation sucks.

What I suggest is for PRC to look into this matter, and partner with both CHED, TESDA, and professional organizations that will craft CPD classes that will be offered by schools on weekends.

Repeal it as what the camp of Presidential son Paolo Duterte is proposing? Take note it was former Senator Antonio Trillanes, an anti-Duterte key person, who authored the law.

It is not the law that is making professionals hurt; it is the accessibility of the CPD classes. It is the unregulated, unsuccessful implementation of the law that is making the law and Trillanes the bad guys here.

What do you think?

We are totally back!

Our blog is back! Finally. 

Sorry, I knew I never had the chance to update this blog in the past few weeks. When I decided to remove its Cloudfare integrate after prompts which I admit to be ignorant of, this blog website went blank and accessible.

However since I was busy with my volunteer work and sleeping, I did not bother to get back to it. Now, we’re finally back!

Last week, I took time to call GoDaddy Philippines and explained to them my problem. The person on the other line made me do some stuff and assured me that the next steps would be on her.

As instructed, I had to wait within 48 hours and the website will be back. But it did not happen.

So, I decided to do things on my own. In just 5 minutes, I saw this website go live once again.

This blog site has been the witness to my ups and downs, so it must remain here irregardless of the amount of the money it is making. Honestly, I am not monetizing it anymore.

Anyway, I’m happy it’s back. 

How I Survived Gout Attacks in A Week

When I felt swelling in my left ankle, I went immediately to Watsons in the nearby SM Cubao to get some Alluporinol, Colchicine and Vitamin B+.

The pharmacist was actually helpful- she gave me an alternative to Alluporinol after I told her that I sometimes suffer from itch with this pill.

The next day when I was supposed to attend the annual get-together of Filipino Bloggers Network, the redness, swelling and pain have already spread throughout the ankle area. 

Nighttime came. The pain seemed to have heightened. 

Despite the pain, I did not intend to go to the hospital. In my last attacks more than two years ago, the hospital would give me pain killer then advise me to go home. 

I contacted Medicard through its My Pocket Doctor service and was recommended to take a collagen drink that is being sold at P80 per sachet.

My suffering did not end that day. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a nightmare that would last for a week.

The next day, my right foot also began to swell. Thus both of my feet were hurting, leaving me immobile. 

That time decided to go to the hospital, so I communicated with my brother. My insurance agent confirmed that I am entitled for some reimbursement. However, my brother told me he was growing fever and would run to attend to me once he gets okay.

I thought that going to the hospital would be impossible as no one could carry me—I cannot walk. I also realized that if I go to the hospital, no one would take care of my stuff as I am living alone. So it was better if I just stayed in my rented bedspace slot with three strangers who did the errand of buying me one-piece chicken at Ministop at the ground floor of our building every night.

The next day, my brother paid me a visit with a bag of food that I requested. He also bought me a pair of saklay which helped me move this 80-kilogram meat to the bathroom if needed. 

The swelling was still at its height on both feet. Some friends were very worried, but I was more worried I will not receive a salary from the days I've missed work. 

On its seventh day, I told myself that I cannot let the pain control me. I tried to walk to SM Hypermarket, a few meters down our building just to train myself how to walk even in pain. 

The security guard saw me struggling to walk, so he rushed to open the door for me. I went down the stairs with the help of the railings, and people who were walking with me could not help but notice the way I walk-- I'm sure they know I'm in pain. 

The next day when I did my laundry, I was approached by a neighbor while inside the elevator. He told me the bulge in my ankles are too huge and asked if it was gout. 

Riding a grab car, I went to Gateway which is around a kilometer away from where I live to have my uric acid checked. I ended up in QualiMed in Farmers and got to see positive results. Still that day, I could not walk easily and I was trying my best to look okay.

Whether I was ready or not, I had to go to work the following day. I woke up early for my seven o’clock call time and headed to Ortigas, sharing with my colleagues how gout could ruin a week.

Welcoming 2020 with Fresh Start and Full of Positivity

Another chapter in our lives unfolds in the beginning of each year. 2020 is extra special since it is also the start of a new decade.

We all await exciting opportunities for a fresh start and new beginnings in our personal lives and of course in our blogging community. No matter what your goals are in 2020 or how many new year’s resolutions you plan on making this year, we should always find time to celebrate and reminisce all of your experiences from 2019, whether good or bad; and welcome the new year ahead with hope and positivity.

For eight consecutive years, the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) hold its annual get together and this year it will be a fun pan pizza party in Quezon City.

It will surely be an afternoon of great fun, awesome giveaways, delicious food and a great opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old friends they have not seen for a while. Representatives of different sponsors, PR groups and brands are also expected to grace the event and personally thank bloggers and social media influencers who have supported them in the past years, or should we say at least in the last decade.

FBN currently has a membership of more than 2,000 and continues to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers, vloggers, and online writers and influencers to interact with other members and partner brands from different parts of the Philippines. Moderating the discussions and posting opportunities from different sponsors for the group are co-admins Divine RC, Richard Mamuyac and Lariza Garcia, the annual event has become even bigger on its 8th run.

This year’s celebration would not have been possible without the support of the following generous sponsors and partners:

Century Park Hotel Manila
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Samar Congressman Sarmiento offers solution to EDSA traffic

House Transportation Committee Chair and Samar 1st District Representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento unveiled the blueprint of his proposed centralized and synchronized bus dispatch system which would turn the EDSA's rowdy and chaotic city buses into a fast, efficient and predictable mass transport system.

Sarmiento, a civil engineer,  disclosed the full details of his proposal  after announcing that his panel is closely working with the Department of Transportation (DoTr) to craft a roadmap which would solve EDSA's traffic problem.

In his proposal, Sarmiento said that the innermost lane of EDSA will serve as an "express bus lane" which can be accessed through stations used by the MRT. Like a carousel, the "express bus lane" will just circle around EDSA, duplicating the route of the MRT.

Photo courtesy of House of Representatives website

"People who use the MRT can now have the option to ride the bus which will be also operated like carousel. The buses will only load and unload passengers in a synchronized manner at the MRT stations so they are basically an extension of the MRT. Walang magiging traffic dyan because the entire inner lane from Taft Avenue to North Avenue and vice-versa will be enclosed and exclusive to the express bus lane," Sarmiento said.

Sarmiento said that the three lanes in the middle of  EDSA will be dedicated for all types of private vehicles subject to the existing vehicle reduction programs like the number coding scheme. Private cars will be only allowed to use the outer lane when turning into an intersection.

The outer lane of EDSA or the yellow lane will be used as a dedicated city bus lane which will also adopt a centralized and synchronized dispatch system. Dedicated bus stops will be established one kilometer apart. Loading and unloading of passengers will be strictly implemented on these bus stops.

Sarmiento said that while the express bus lane will cater to passengers who also use the MRT, the city bus lane operation will extend up to the Parañaque Integrated Bus Terminal (PITX)  in the south and the Valenzuela Integrated Bus Terminal (VIBT) in the north and vice-versa.

"City buses will now be using the outermost lane in EDSA or the yellow lane. They will be traversing EDSA in a carousel-type system until they reach the proposed north terminal which is the Valenzuela Integrated Bus Terminal. From there, the city buses will now traverse to the south still using the outermost lane until it reaches the proposed south terminal which is the Paranaque Integrated Bus Terminal," Sarmiento said.

"We propose this to eradicate the kanya-kanya system of the buses wherein they compete with each other creating chaos through overtaking, overspeeding, and overstaying. Puno man o hindi, lalarga po ang mga city buses dahil may schedule na po ang biyahe nila at hindi na sila makikipag-agawan ng pasahero dahil hindi na commission-based ang kita kundi sahod na ang matatanggap ng mga drivers at konduktors," Sarmiento added.

Sarmiento said that also part of the proposal is to modernize the fare system using tap or beep card.

"Once everything has been set in theory and generated through computer by the MMDA, it will be presented to the public through a dry run, which will be implemented on a day with the least number of vehicles in the road. We are going to have a computer-generated simulation of this proposal to be led by the MMDA," Sarmiento said to dispel fears that this could end up just like the other failed "experiments" of the MMDA.

Sarmiento clarified however that his proposal can still be subject to improvements and adjustments by the DoTr and the MMDA which is will the frontline implementing agencies.

"Lastly, this proposal is a work in progress. Details will be discussed by the Executives. Ang inyong lingkod, bilang Chairman ng House Committee on Transportation ay willing na magbigay ng suporta sa DOTr kung may mga kailangang polisiya upang maipatupad natin kaagad ang mga planong ito," Sarmiento said.

Sarmiento said that if and when the plan is set into motion, the private vehicles that continue to clog EDSA middle lanes would be reduced eventually "because people would now start riding the bus rather than drive their car in what is described as one of the world's biggest parking lot."

"With this system, if the trains and buses will be fully operational, and the commuting public is now effectively and efficiently being moved, that’s the time that we can reduce the volume of private vehicles in EDSA and the major thoroughfares in Metro Manila," Sarmiento said.

"Once the volume of vehicles were reduced, that’s the time that we can introduce major infrastructures in EDSA and other major thoroughfares," he added.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Tale in Sagada: Reserved but not reserved


It bleeds my heart to learn what happened to one of our readers who contacted me to share his excitement after booking their accommodation in Sagada using a platform I promote on my blogs.

I even told him to check on other blogs for the things to do in our humble town since my blogs are too outdated when it comes to posts about Sagada. Most posts are personal stories of my childhood in the place.

When they reached the doorstep of the guest inn they had a booking with, they were told that the house is already full despite the reservation done on the online platform.

The reader tried contacting me for recommendations, but I was not able to attend to them immediately. Asking if they were assisted in looking for a new guest inn, I was told they ended up doing the job themselves.

During our earlier conversations, I even told the reader that Sagada people are reliable so you can ask them anything like road directions and get real answers. My God, I did not see that coming. 

During peak seasons, Sagada becomes super busy due to high influx of tourists. We all know many things need to be done there. And the LGU is working hard to make Sagada friendlier to tourists.

I hope that things get better as years, peak seasons rather, pass by.

Once again, this is not a rant. Everything is all good so far.

Now without pointing fingers, do you mind suggesting how we can it make up to this reader?

Celebrate the Holidays with Clear and Radiant Skin

During Christmas, it is always my hope that I will not be assigned as the presenter. And it’s not about the hosting skill that bothers me at all.

This year, I co-presented the Christmas Party of employees of Cathay Land. Last year, I did the party of the Salesforce of the company. In my previous company, I co-hosted the annual party every year.

Here are some photos taken during these parties: 

Looks matter when standing on stage. Thus, I had to shell out some amount of money for a set of good attire while checking on the pimples on my face hoping the size of those wanting to join the party could be hidden away by makeup.

For the skin to be radiant and holiday-ready for me is to be 100% prepared for the hosting job. Thus, I find it helpful to have a regimen that helps me with the season—even before it starts.

Introducing Proactiv+, a dermatologist developed and scientifically proven 3-Step Clear Skin System with salicylic-acid as its major component.

Proactiv+ does not only treat and prevent pimples,but also offers major glowing skincare benefits. It helps to improve the texture and clarity of your skin, helps to diminish the look of dark marks, and helps to enhance overall skin radiance.

How does Proactiv+ do the magic? The salicylic acid encourages dead skin cells to loosen and shed. This unclogs the pores and prevents acne, and brings in all the other benefits of clean pores. Proactiv+ hydrates and soften the skin because of its built-in moisturizer in the system.

Who says anti-acne products need to be drying? It can control and balance oily skin. Oily skin can be such a drag during party photo-ops, right?

To use Proactiv+, start with the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. Apply a large coin-size amount to dampen your skin. Using your fingertips, gently massage in a circular motion avoiding the eye area for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and then pat dry.

The second step is the Pore Targeting Treatment. Apply 1-2 pumps to your entire face – no need to rinse off. Let the face fully absorb it before proceeding to third step. Apply a large coin-size amount of the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator on your face and do not rinse off. So easy to use twice daily.

As your true ally this holiday season, Proactiv+ gives you a major discount. 20% off at Watsons and SM Department stores until December 31, 2019. Get it also online at www.watsons.com.ph

Check this out: PROACTIV+ VIDEO!

Me Not Complaining for Gout-less 2019

The face mask on the table at the condominium unit I rent with three strangers in Cubao is now officially......... inutil!

I had an awful allergic rhinitis attack yesterday while inside the company van as we were driving back to Ortigas from South Forbes, but it was pretty much manageable without a face mask.

With fear of coughing in the middle of spiels, I co-presented the Christmas Party of Cathay Land at a private space in Acienda Designer Outlet.

I ended the party storming in to the bathroom after realizing that blood was flowing from my nose; I also had a couple times of it a few days before.

Only minors, not complaining. What's important is that I am walking to wherever I wanted to go. 

The best thing about this year is that I never had a gout attack, same as last year. This may be the result of less liquor intake (bye Empe!) because the new set of people around me are occasional drinkers and not artek, an Ilocano term for drunkards.

Two weeks ago, I had some viral infection which got me tied to my bed for three and a half days. When I got back to work, I saw my pay slip crying.

Oh, another minor. 

Anyway, I really wanted to get back to my jogging and running hobbies. Thus this 2020, I need to look for jogging buddies to help me push myself to this active lifestyle endeavor. Any volunteers?

I was telling Syrell, an old friend who once worked with me at Duraville, that I wanted to walk from Ortigas to Cubao every day. Dubious to my real intentions, she tried to decode it. 

I admitted to her that I shifted my new insurance to PhilAm which has a program called “Vitality”. This supplementary program gives rewards to jogging, gym and other specific activity requirements.

I have many goals and challenges in mind to beat in. But first, I just hope that I will never buy a face mask again.

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