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10 Most Loved Online Status

10. “6 inches.” People visit online accounts due to humorous things they see on that account. People do not like to visit sites that talk about heavy issues such as corruption in the government. Post light topics.

9. “Just got promoted! Fireworks!” Announce good news. Share very good things happening in your life. Attract good vibes also!

8. “Every time I see you, I see family.” If you are fond of literature, apply the element of foreshadowing. Give some hints on what will happen to your life. You do not have to be direct in expressing your emotions online.

7. “Puerto Galera, see you soon.” Touring is one of the hobbies of the most. They will be interested! Post interesting topics and people will be attracted to your account.

6. “This video made me cry: www.sdfhsdkjfhksdjf.com/sdfsdfadfsa”- Social networking sites are made for sharing of the latest goodies! Share the things that you love and you like.

5. “I liked it. I like it more!” When posting, do not post a novel. Promise, no one will read your novel-type status. Play mysterious so people will be very curious about what is happening.

4. “Do not believe in that XXX networking. Been there and it’s not real.” Caution other people. Warn them of the bad things that you have been involved with in the past. Do not waste their time in trying some scams. Provide vicarious experience to people with less life experience.

3. “Is E.T. real?” When in confused state, friends online would be very happy to help you in deciding. Post a survey and let them give their opinions to it.

2. “We are in need of 6 sanitary engineers. Contact me now.” Share your friends what we call as “beneficial news”. From jobs, to people, to places and all other things they might be looking for now, share what you know!  

1. “Don’t forget next week: my birthday, food at the house!” Inviting people for food is the most desirable status. Post you invitation online to your friends and they would love to read your status again and again. Bookmarked?

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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