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Aqueous Cream Unsafe for Eczema
When you are suffering from eczema, do not use aqueous cream on your skin. It will not help you solve your skin problem.

It will give you worse results.

Aqueous cream can make the skin thinner especially when used regularly. Thus, it aggravates the condition giving you more discomfort and costing you more money for further treatment.

Aqueous cream contains sodium laurel sulphate detergent. This detergent makes the skin vulnerable to irritation.

Moreover, aqueous cream is not a good moisturizer for people who are suffering from dry skin. It may moisturize the skin but it also reduces the outermost skin layer.

Doctors also admit that they recommend this type of cream to eczema patients before. In fact, some admit of advising this cream for childhood eczema.

Another reason why people settle in buying aqueous cream is because this type of cream is cheaper and is over the counter. There is a good number of aqueous creams sold in malls, beauty shops and even in store.

Thus, when you feel the drying and cracking of your skin, do not grab your aqueous cream. Health experts recommend the white soft paraffin instead. White soft paraffin contains low sodium laurel sulphate so it is safer to use.

Photo credit: http://i.dailymail.co.uk

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