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Baking Soda not for Tooth Brushing
Between tooth paste and baking soda, it is but a matter of choosing which will not dissolve your teeth enamel.

Experts advise never to use baking soda in brushing the teeth. It will not just dissolve the enamel of the teeth; it will also make the color darker.

Baking soda, or all other salt crystals, is abrasive and when repeated to used in brushing the teeth, the enamel will be worn away. When the enamel of the teeth is worn away, sensitivity increases.

Other chemicals that will surely destroy the teeth when used as an alternative to tooth paste are ash, hydrogen peroxide, soap and salt. People who use the stated chemicals usually end up with brown teeth and seeking for expensive laser-whitening treatments.

In reality, tips on TV, magazine, newspapers and other lifestyle information sources promote the given chemicals. Some even claim that the chemicals are better than the commercial toothpaste. Experts warn the public for the misleading information. 

According to them, using the chemicals can even lead to more problems and more expense.

Meanwhile, experts also warn about those who attend whitening treatments. Experts note that the public should go to accredited clinics that use authentic chemicals. They share that the teeth need strong chemicals for whitening goals.

Experts add that some advertisements showing whitening gels and deep clean tooth brushes are still subjected for further evaluation on their effectiveness.

Photo credit: http://thepaisley.com

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