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Marriage: Cry of the Third Sex
Catholic conservatives call them “immoral” while other open-minded Filipinos accept them as part of the society. In the middle of the unending debate about gays, one thing is for sure: even gays need to be loved by someone special.

An activist once said that an intellectual homosexual does not just seek for another person to love him as “gay” person. Rather, an intellectual homosexual also seeks acceptance in the society that declared him ‘marginalized’.
“There will be no compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings, “defends Michale Swift on his “Gay Revolutionary” in 1987.

 “Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less,” continues the article on prolife.org.

In the Philippines, the rights of gays as citizens are fully –recognized since but there their right to wed someone in the same sex has been an tough advocacy to fight with legislators.
“Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life.” describes the Philippine Family Code.
Unlike in New York and other parts of the world that permitted marriage between two people of the same sex, the Philippines is a conservative country that is being influenced by the Roman Catholic Church that believes God created two sexes only.
In June 2011, eight pairs of same-sex couples wed in a mass ceremony in Baguio City.  This news caught national attention that even Baguio City officials moved to declared people responsible for the “marriage” ceremonies ‘persona non grata’.
“Who wore the bridal gown?” asks a report on utopia-asia.com.

The truth is that there were same-sex marriage ceremonies that happened in the country, even with member of New People’s Army. The government still does not recognize the marriage as an authentic one. Others say it is just a union, not a real marriage.

“In 1994, the Progressive Organization of Gays in the Philippines (ProGay) led the first gay and lesbian pride march in the country”, reports the website.

When the question whether same-sex marriage should be legalized or not, it gained thousands of comments online. One comment says “I don't see why straight people feel so threatened by gay people wishing to commit to each other in marriage! “

On the other hand, another person commented: “I really don't care to call it marriage. I just would like some of the same rights that other citizens receive for being in a committed monogamous relationship.”

Despite the call of Catholic Bishops to forget the proponent, some homosexuals still feel comfortable with their partners. Among them is ABS-CBN host Boy Abunda who stays under the same roof with his partner.

Other Filipinos who find no shelter of love in the land go to other places where same-sex marriage is being recognized.

“I just think that, how can people look at these weddings and not feel anything but happiness for the people involved,” tells one Filipino in the New York same-sex mass wedding in an interview on TFC.

In the middle of the debate, the world is waiting when the Philippines will approve the cry of the third sex.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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