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13 Health Stories For the Heart

1. Stem Cell not for Surgeries
Beware of surgeons who tell you that you should receive stem cells to regain your youthful appearance. There is no proof that stem cells can improve physical appearance. Stem cells therapy is just for the repair and replacement of damaged and missing cells in the body. Surgeons who tell you this offer are just looking for another depressed person to fool. This is a recent marketing scam in the field of cosmetic surgery.

2. Coming Soon: Hair Cloning
Imagine that your doctor can clone your hair so when you get bald, you can have your hair grows back. This is not impossible because researchers are developing this new method for those who have problems regarding hair loss. As of the mean time, hair transplantation is available for patients who wish to hide their extra space in their forehead.

3. Do Not Use Sleep Positioners
Do not use sleep positioners for your baby. Reports show that babies died after suffocation and entrapment between the positioner and the crib. Authorities also claim that no proof shows that these positioners are real solution of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome.

4. Plus Ten Years to Your Lives
Welcome “Skulachev’s Ion”, a pill that is believed that when taken, it adds years to your life. This drug combats the damaging effects of oxygen in our body. With this drug, we can prolong our lives by ten years. It is a total anti-oxidant.

5. Sperm Cell from a Woman?
Women can make a baby alone with the help of stem cells. This is the future of stem cell researches in reproduction after a study discovered that sperm cells can be made from stem cells. This is big news for those couples who find difficulty because of the quality of the sperm cell of the husband.

6. Sleep Equals Sexy
Sleep well to reduce fat in the body. When you are deprived of sleep, your body releases a hormone gherlin that triggers hunger and promotes fat retention. Thus, those who do not have enough sleep are fat. So, go to sleep to remain sexy.

7. Laptop Can Toast Your Skin
Do not place your laptop in your lap for how many hours because your skin might develop rashes called “toasted skin syndrome”. Do not also expose yourself in the electric fan for how many hours because the heat from the appliance can cause the syndrome.

8. Alcohol Affects Baby’s Development
The baby’s development is at risk when you drink alcohol too much while you are still pregnant. A research said that there is a negative effect on the physical, emotional and behavioural development of the children whose parents drank too much alcohol when they were still pregnant with them. Experts said pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol especially in the first three months of pregnancy.

9. Pomegranate Juice: Anti-breast Cancer
Pomegranate juice can prevent breast cancer cells from spreading to other organs. It contains a substance that helps prevent the cells in spreading to other organs of the body. It is also helpful to prostate, lunch and other cancers patients.

10. 2 Reasons why there is Anorexia
Children who are anorexic or extremely thin cast their blame on two sets of people. First is their family members who give them traumatic experiences like divorce and death. Second is the skinny celebrities who influence mostly teenagers to strive and maintain a weight.

11. “7” in Baby Bottles Means Unsafe
Use bisphenol A-free baby bottles or those with “7” marks at the bottom. This chemical may raise the chance of the baby to get prostate cancer when he gets older. Do not also heat baby meals in polycarbonic plastics for the chemical might leak when heated.

12. Low Testosterone Promotes Alzheimer’s Disease
Men with low testosterone count have greater risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and high blood pressure. So when your testosterone is low, you have the chance of becoming forgetful, confused and can experience distressing mood swings.

13. Onions for the Heart
 Eat onions to prevent heart diseases. It helps remove cholesterol that causes coronary diseases. Look at Chinese, cases of heart diseases are low because onion is part of their daily meal. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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