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Peace in Sagada: What's Her Secret?

In the heart of the Cordillera ranges is a town known as a top tourist destination. 

She does not pay advertising spaces to promote her majestic natural blessings but still she brings hundreds of crowd in a year.

People who go there say the town is a dove. 

They say she has burial caves, waterfalls, rice farms and a pottery that make tourists obsessed with the place.

What gives the place a good taste to tourists is simple? It's simply peace. 

In Sagada, tourists roam around freely without companions or security guards. 

They trust the natives of Sagada who can give them directions how to reach the highest mountain of the town when lost.

In police record, Sagada is a zero-crime community. Killings, car napping, kidnappings are considered fictions that they only learn from watching TV at six in the evening.

The tradition of “inayan” or “lawa” keeps the town at peace and safe. “Lawa” or “inayan” are Kankanaey (their dialect) terms which indirectly means “naturally forbidden to be bad”. 

Moreover, people in this town know almost everyone. 

It is part of their tradition to be community-involved. Thanks to the traditions started by their ancestors whose bones are contained in wooden caskets in burial caves.

Historically speaking, the natives here are Pagans. 

They believe that rocks in rice farms house the spirit of their dead ancestors. “Anito”, which means living spirit, is believed to be bringing good and bad lucks to people. 

When someone is sick, folks believe that the sick person has encountered an “anito”.

Spaniards were not able to conquer the center of Sagada; only the Americans who started the town as an Anglican community. 

People in Sagada are incredibly Pagans and Christians. They celebrate Christian feasts and Pagan rites.

In the past decades, Sagada has been known to be the cleanest, greenest and the most peaceful town. 

All tourists were satisfied with the small town’s offers to them. 

Sagada has hotels, inns, restaurants, a hospital and souvenir stores that accommodate tourists. But more than the beauty and the convenience that Sagada offers is safety that tourists enjoy while discovering the corners of the town.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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