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Speech: Tourism Promotes Illegal Drugs

Tourism comes with economic stability. 

That is a fact that Baguio City and Palawan can prove. 

Tourism comes with illegal drugs. That is a fact that two terms can prove. 

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a fact that I will prove to you.

The first term is “drug tourism”. 

It refers when tourists travel to places where they can get drugs, may it be legal or illegal. It is the kind of tourism that Canada has. 

Tourists gather to this country to get marijuana since the plant is considered legal there, unlike in most countries. 

Meaning, people do not just travel to places to view sceneries but also to look for available drugs.

In 2002, Reuters reported that Cuban authorities were hunting down dealers of cocaine and marijuana to tourists. 

That is tourism- an avenue not just to show the beauty of the place, but also to deal illegal drugs. Let us go local in a 2009 case of the infamous Alabang Boys. 

Do you still remember Anthony Brodett who had admitted that his cousin Richard went to a town here in Cordillera to buy marijuana?

Authorities even demanded an apology to make clear that there is no plantation of illegal drugs in that town; instead, that town is just a venue of selling drugs to tourists. That is clearly “drug tourism.”

Next is “sex tourism”. 

Tourists go to place to satisfy all the pleasures in life. 

One of the pleasures: lust. In the Philippines, no one can ever deny this reality with the presence of prostitution dens and adult bars.

As presented in a report from the ‘Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific’, it was revealed that some entertainers were forced to have sex under the influence of illegal drugs with Korean customers.

In India, older women were also reported of taking uppers to satisfy the lust of their foreign customers. In 2010, a Romanian was reported in Spain to have forced to do the same to entertain tourists satisfactorily.
It is so sad to say that good tourism blindly promotes illegal drugs. Let us not be blinded by these skyscraper tourism establishments. The truth is that these two terms that I have presented to you are as heavy and as tall as these benefits we get from tourism.

I repeat the two words that we should, and we have to be very careful of, to protect our children and our children’s children: “drug tourism” and “sex tourism” that directly promote illegal drugs.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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