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A Note to All Graduates of Sagada NHS
Greetings to all members of this Sagada National High School alumni group! Et kumusta pay nan bi-biyag tako amin?

Last month, I received a comment from a foreigner saying she liked how “we support our school website”. That remark was heart-warming. It inspired me to keep moving on with my “online flooding” game.

By the way, if you do not know me yet let me introduce myself. I am Christian. I graduated in Bomabanaga last 2006. Aye, id idi-idi di paylang. I took Communication and now a licensed English teacher. I work as a writer in a public relations department of an Australian-based IT company. I stay here in Baguio City, six hours away from our hometown Sagada. Usunga nu waday iyayag yu et ibaga yu ay dagus.

How I wish to meet all of you guys and have a roll call to know how many of us are registered nurse, licensed engineer, certified public accountant, professional teacher etc. I am pretty sure the meat for the 2015 reunion is being smoked already!

I am amazed that some of us are working hard for the networking of SNHS alumni. Thanks Manang Lexa (and her team). I believe the team deserves an award for working hard for the publicity and enhancement of our website. As always baw iman si Manang Lexa usunga Lexa the Greatest ka et id wani I declare.

Since the internet is the most convenient medium for us to connect to each other, we should utilize social networking and business sites for us to keep in touch.

1.    Facebook. Like our page on the leading social networking site. After liking it, you may copy the link of the page and paste it on other group pages or on your wall. After, “friend” other accounts that liked the SNHS page. That will keep the connection stronger! For sure 100% kendatako et wada nan Facebook na.

2.    LinkedIn. As graduates, it would be nice to have an account on this social networking site for professionals. This site serves as your resume for employment and an excellent interaction avenue with other professionals. When I tried to look for SNHS graduates to connect with, I found only one active account.

3.    Blogger/WordPress. If you have a blog, integrate the SNHS link there. For Blogger users, you can add it as a static page where visitors can click on the category and will be directed to the SNHS site.

4.    Twitter. SNHS has a Twitter account and I am a follower of the account. If you are an active user of this micro-blogging site, please follow the SNHS account. Tweet to your followers about SNHS projects. While it is true that a few of us use Twitter I assure you, we still are adding publicity to the site.

5.    Skype. If you want to chat with other graduates of SNHS, you may use Skype. If we are all online, we can create a group there and mingle with each other. We can share our memories using the chat app.

These are the five basic sites that we can use to help promote two things: A. connectivity with other alumni of SNHS for business, social and personal goals B. web traffic to the SNHS site.

If we build good traffic to the site, we can apply for an AdSense account. The account will permit us to place advertisements on the site and the site will be paid for that.
Thus, the site will produce money for the school and for its operation.

If you do not like my suggestion, you can look for donors as an alternative. But let me tell you, it is always best to be the one “sweating” for dollars, este, cash.

Please try creating accounts on the 5 sites and integrate the spirit of being a Bomabanga alumnus there. Don’t worry; joining the sites is free!

Share also your thoughts. Hit the reply button. Now please.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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