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10 Reasons Why You Are so Smart

1.    You know that laws are made by lawmakers for law abiders to follow. You do not find laws, decrees, orders, memoranda and ordinances as merely subjects of study for Law students in the University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio, Saint Louis University and Cordillera Career Development College.

2.    You pay your taxes on time. You, or your accountant, go to the the BIR office and pay before the deadline arrives. You also declare your monthly salary, the real figure.

3.    You always ask for a receipt when purchasing goods and products, and when availing of services. You always ask the sales lady (or the sales boy) your receipt, whether you are in SM Department store or in Tion San Sari-sari store.

4.    One of your friends is named “Earth”. You are aware that trash bins do exist. You know that the City of Baguio is a city resort. You know that pollution is made up of pollutants. You know that you are a pollutant.

5.    You have a sense of social responsibility. You donated for the victims of Typhoon Sendong. When your neighbors cried for water after the Baguio Water District cut off their connection, you bought them some bottles of mineral water- for their laundry.

6.    You are much aware that public offices are for everyone. And private offices are for people who like to hide something. When you realize you need to grow your grasses on your lawn and put curtains in your house, you call a private freelancer to do the blue-collar job for your Ariel-bathed polo shirt.

7.    You honor the government even though you are not a fan of PNoy. You always put your thumbs up and support projects of government agencies without thinking- because you think you have to. You also react and give your opinion responsibly.

8.    You know that when your employees are working OT, they will receive extra amounts. You read the Labor Law. You are so bright to know that call centers do pay that much because of the night differential pay.

9.    You know that right is always right and the wrong things will never become right. Examples of these wrong-ful activities are gambling using your credit card, fucking your partner’s best friend, coming late in your meetings and saying you are busy when in fact you are in the cinema watching The Vow.

10. You know what being humble means, and you observe it. You know it pays not to mention that you have ten houses scattered around the Pacific and the Atlantic, a multi-million account in the bank, the most expensive Tuxedos and lingerie’s and the best Public Relations team. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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