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LET it be Licensure Examination for Teachers
A smart soldier does not attack his enemies without conducting a simple informal research. He analyzes the position of his enemies and identifies the best way to shoot them. He identifies their weakness and uses that for his advantage.

The same through with the LET, a smart examinee comes in the examination room with the knowledge on how the “war” will occur. He knows what to bring and has the proper weapon to conquer the board exam.

LET is an examination which deals with the basics in the teaching practice. LET, just like any other licensure exams in the world, asks about the fundamentals of the trade and how to use them in day-to-day teaching. It does not mean to pick teachers who can teach advance skills in the world-famed Harvard University.

LET questions never follow patterns or expectations, as erroneously believed by many egos. For the nth time, examinees go out of the room disappointed because their myths were proven to be pure gossips. Even the smartest examinee will say “Akala ko kasi ang lalabas ay ganito ganun”. No one knows what exactly will come out. Of course, everyone knows that the questions are about education and teaching (silly).

 Even though LET is a national examination, there are still errors in the booklets and even in the questions. Government garud ti nang i-prepare! Chances are some directions have typo and grammatical errors. One of the choices may not reflect the proper answer to a question. As usual, basta government!

Preparing for the LET does not mean attending review sessions in expensive centers that claim to have turned dreams to reality. The start of the LET review has already taken place in Kindergarten. Thus, an examinee that has been problematic since elementary is more likely to face hardships in the exam especially in GenEd.

LET gives the challenge to know what is happening around the country and the world. Current events and social issues appear in the questions. And these may improve ratings for those who are socially aware (at least).

There are six preparations foor the LET: intellectual, morale, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual.

Intellectual: review and review and review.
Morale: boosting of confidence to perform well.
Physical: a sick person cannot answer problems properly.
Financial: PRC needs an amount to process the needed documents.
Emotional: concentration, both internal and external should be balanced. Spiritual: knowing that God cannot write the answers during the LET provides the true reality

Harsh as it sounds but rumors about the LET are mere destructions. Review centers summarize what has been learned in elementary, high school and college, and not turn their reviewers into top-notchers. Only a review can turn himself to a satisfied examinee when that special day arrives. Moreover, LET is not the business of the examinee himself. His family, his school and his lover should be involved for the success of the exam.

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