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She- the Most Amazing Women of All Time
They are women- the underdogs. They have been underestimated in the world of intellectual men. They were asked to stay at home to take good care of their children and to cook food for their husbands.
But some they said “no”.

Margaret Thatcher

She was the only female in the British parliament during her time. She believed being a wife who stays at home is not her fate. She is a woman- but she had a heart of a strong man. Her iron hands were what the British Empire needed then to straighten all curves in their society. She resigned from office sad but continued giving hope Britons. Hats off!

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

She embodies excellence. She tells nothing but the truth, the real and the right thing. Hundreds of fools hate her in the Philippines. Billions of smart people, who need not to publicly talk about her in the positive manner, love her. She has been a frank leader who polices corrupt politicians. As she ages, she may be another Evita who cannot physically fight for what is right.


Love knows no man or woman. Adele has been hurt from a deep love affair and has been into the bitterness of life. Being raised without a father, life must serve her less. But she has nothing to lose. She used her heartbreak to design a new music that captivated billions of heart in the world. She is Adele to us. She is a human to love.

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