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April 26, 2012 Happenings

India can end child marriage. Child marriage is a culture which is not only being shared by poor Indians. It is also being observed here in the Philippines. Rich Igorot families practice child marriage to ensure that their wealth is going to other wealthy families.

Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik, who has killed tens and tens of people in defense against multiculturalism, is very intelligent. He said a record that says he is insane is not genuine. That is a sign of insanity!

(My Struggle) is all about the ideology of Nazi. He wrote the book when he was still in prison. It is not about the life in prison.

In  were taken off their sofas slash positions. They are being tried by the international court. According to the country, this move is part of its campaign of removing biased judges.

Russia’s Mikhail Khodorkovsky is now free. The president of Russia pardoned him. Now it is time to revenge. It is time to continue the fight. His other name is Erap. He was jailed because he hit a policeman during a rally. Now he is back to the scene, he can create more crimes- but still claim to be the one in the right track.

Five years ago, British girl Madeleine McCann went missing while having a vacation in Portugal. After intensive coverage, the girl was not surfaced. Now, the London Metropolitan Police has a theory that the girl is still alive. My prayers for the family of the child while the authority is looking for the missing girl (not for the suspects of the crime)! Portugal should reopen the case. Here is a sketch on how would the girl look like five year after she went missing.

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