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The Demolition Inside the Silverio Compound in Metro Manila

The demolition inside the Silverio Compound in Metro Manila:

1. The people were being demanded to leave the area because they are ILLEGAL settlers (excuse me, INFORMAL settlers daw sabi ni Erwilyn Lei Austriaco Solito) there. Meaning, that is not their land. Regardless of who the owner is- may it be the Sy Family or my family- these squatters have no right to stay there.

2. Squatting is a profession for lazy people. The government gives them resources to start a new home. They sell the resources and look for another lot to occupy again. Adda baro?

3. The police were inhumane in catching the settlers who are now being charged for misbehaving. But I do not know if there are other ways to catch these settlers. Media ask the settler "totoo ba na nambato ka?". Apay aminen na ngata? “Dumaan lang ako at hinuli naman ako.” I said so.

4. The policeman who fired bullets (as recorded by the ever reliable GMA7 News) explains he did that because his team was aggravated. Obvious ah, ngem trabaho you met dayta. Apay first time yu?

5. Earlier reports claim that the settlers threw rocks and human wasted first. The policemen answered back with tear gas. Media say "pati kami nadamay sa tear gas". Ay apu, kikitam nga ada tear gas ket haan ka pumanaw?

6. Media interviewed the head of police and leaked the original plan on how they will do the demolition. Clumsy police head! Now, the settlers know how you will demolish their homes. “Ipapakita sana naming sa kanila ang temporary na tirahan nila tapos habang andun kami eh may pupunta sa compound para mag demolish”. Kasla ay ayam ayam ti Tom and Gerry garud ah.

7. The settlers destroyed a police track 100 meters away from the demolition zone. They think when they destroy the car, the policemen will give the right to stay in the compound. 

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