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James Cameron has a list of movies to transform into 3D wonders. The first is The Terminator. The second is Aliens. The third is The Abyss. The fourth is a Filipino movie, about the capture of Lolong.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are trying to make babies. But God said, “I am sorry”. So they adopted one. And now, another one. The child is from South Korea. Katherine’s mother adopted a Korean baby years ago. Katherine admitted she likes to have a family that is similar to her original family. Now, we should not see her as another home wrecker. Sorry Angelina!

If you are going to do a cover, go to Adele. But if you do not listen to me, your name is Tony Lucca. You will go to Britney Spears and make a cover of . Not cool!

Rihanna is now an actress. Wikipedia now tells she is a singer slash actress.  Battleship explains more. Why watch the movie? Because Liam Hemsworth is there. Not Rihanna? Why, is she an actress now?

Leaked: Jack White is scoring the “Lone Ranger”. Know more when he finishes the song.

The Beatles is now getting more popularity. Among the three most popular songs of the group are Let It Be, Hey Jude, A Day in the Life and Never Say Never. Oh, the last song is just a joke. It is from Justine Bieber, the one who impregnated Mariah (not Carey)- in her dreams.

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