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Jessica Sanchez and the Other Cheezy Chezas

American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez should have been voted out from the singing competition without the fabulous judges moving to save her from the hell-like twist.

Mark my word, it was not a real twist. It was planned. American Idol saw the spotlight going to The Voice (yeah, it is really make good because of Shelton Blake not because of Adam Levine or Christina Aguilera) so Idol has to make a gimmick. Idol producers know the following facts:

a. Jessica is number 1. 
b. Jessica can't be eliminated.
c. Jessica is the reason why Asians and Mexicans (minorities in short) watch American Idol.
d. Jessica is winning the show.
e. Jessica has the lowest share of votes. 
f. Jessica can't leave the show.
g. Jessica will be saved by the judges for sure if she will be voted out by the voters (yeah, voters).
h. Putting more emphasis on Jessica means getting more of the spotlight.
i. Jessica is much-loved by Christian Lizardo Aligo.
j. Jessica is the reason why Christian Lizardo Aligo needs to catch up with news about American Idol whose glamour is fading rapidly.

P.S. She really looks my favorite teacher Angela Leung Chamos. Very pretty! 

Crazy, she has been known as the top contender in the show. Mother Oprah Winfrey, Aunt Hillary Clinton and Semi-aunt Michael(a) Jackson all know that fact.

But still America does not see her winning. She is not biologically American by the way. His father who is a MALE Piolo Pascual is from Mexico and her mother is a native Filipina who speaks Filipino and her birth certificate says "Filipino". Voting is not available in the two countries. No one dares to support a stranger.

With this shocking news, it is easy to predict that she will win the competition.

Her half-baked elimination has sparked a new movement to make her win.

She has now the pity of Americans and the world. Americans are being accused of being racist. Her supporters are now mobilizing to vote for her. This is what we call the “Melanie Amaro Effect” which was introduced by a British guy named Simon Cowel who is a male Christina Aguilera. By the way, Simon Cowel is the God-Uncle (if he's going to be married, I'll declare him the God-Father) of Pop Music but he can’t sing and everyone never saw him sing. Amazing!

Meanwhile, another Filipino is winning the heart of The Voice. Her name is Cheesa (Chesa is the pronunciation). She has a husky voice and her “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a big hit. 

She has a powerful cord and can belt out songs like Charice, Whitney and Jaya (sorry airy Sharon). 

However, she has to learn how to control her voice projection. I see her as the future Jennifer Hudson. But her physique tells me she is the next Steven Tyler.

Moreover, let’s talk about Cheryl Cole who is also an underdog just like Jessica Sanchez. She’s not Filipino for the information of non-Britons and non-Americans.

Cheryl Cole was paid millions of money to judge in the US version of the X Factor. However because of her thick Newcastle accent, Rupert Murdoch fired her. Theories were also fired regarding her getting fired. Moreover, her underdog image was extensively fired also against Cowel and Fox producers. 

Britons were angry at Americans once again who fired a goddess who was judging a singing contest but can’t belt out high notes. And now as an underdog, Cheryl Cole is on top of Perez Hilton’s sympathy, including Selena Gomez’s.

Cheryl has been in total humiliation. Now, she is returning to the scene as a bigger and stronger star. And for sure she will win the competition. I see her dominating America   erasing the name of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger (correct spelling?). But before those things happen, Cheryl should go to an American Speech clinic to put a bit American salt to her tongue. Or she should contact Piers Morgan, Gerard Butler, Russel Brand and Sophie and Grace of Ellen for help.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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