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Jessica Sanchez, Coco Martin, X Factor

Jessica Sanchez

Finalist of the eleventh season of American Idol Jessica Sanchez has been saved by the judges last week from elimination. America did vote for her because Americans were busy and too concentrated listening to the speeches of Mitt Romney.

Jessica Sanchez has gained more thousands of Filipino supporters who will do anything for her. They can go to Facebook and encourage others to support the 16-year old singer. However, voting is not available in the Philippines.

Mabuhay ka Jessica! 

Coco Martin

After starring in a long list of ABS-CBN soap operas, Coco Martin is being paried up with young actress Julia Montes. He has already taken home a long list of awards for his acting capabilities. 

But he never received an award for having that desirable thingy that was shown in one of his earliest independent films wherein he was naked doing a raw sex scene with someone else. Gays, give him the award!

Independent film fans surely have seen his private part via that movie. 

Now, ABS-CBN is installing him into “Wako Wako”, a fantasy drama series catered at children. Thus, he will be making a good image to children and a pornographic image to adults. 

That is exactly a crossover brand!

X Factor Philippines

Thousands of Filipino Americans want to join the X Factor. They want to be the next Melanie Amaro. They can sing. But only a few will be chosen to continue their dream. Some will just wait for some other chances with the help of The Voice and American Idol. 

If X Factor USA will not cater to them, they can go home to the Philippines and audition for the X Factor Philippine version. 

For sure, they will get in even though they have no talents. Moreover, they can be the winner of the Pinoy version as long as Sharon Cuneta is their aunt.

 By the way, X Factor is a singing competition. Dancers may not attempt to audition. 

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