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Trending: Kate Middleton, Chris Brown, Ewan McGregor, Simon Cowell

Kate Middleton and Prince William should be trying their best to conceive a baby this year. Do not think other things there! If not, Kate should ask Angelina Jolie about the secret to having many children without stress. Chelsea Handler won't like that idea Katy!

Chris Brown, who is a domestic violence victim and suspect, is launching a collectible toys line for kids. His first on-sale item is a doll called “Rihanna”. Kids who buy the toy can beat the toy and can even burn the toy.

Congratulations to Ewan McGregor for being invited to join the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.  He will be with Alexander Payne and Andrea Arnold. This story is worth reading, rather than the item on Mila Kunis who called the rumor that she is dating Ashton Kutcher absurd. Is this Mila Kunis vs. Rihanna vs. Demi Moore?

Who should win the American Idol? Of course, Jessica Sanchez! She will become the world’s greatest diva and will forget her Filipino roots. Then she will sing with Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Iglesias a song titled “Lupang Hinirang”.

Simon Cowell has not been dating a girl in his entire show business life. What if the music mogul is in love with Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole? Or what if he is gay? Anyway, I love One Direction (any connect?).

Emma Watson is filing charges against photoshoppers who have  been creating her "false" scandals. The Harry Potter actress has a pool of lawyers to prove that those nude pics are not entertaining. And that the real nude Emma Watson is better-looking that those things!

Michael Jackson had a child whose mother is not known. Now, we welcome the son of Cristiano Ronaldo who has no mother in his birth certificate. What on earth! According to the sportsman, the child will be exclusively under his care. Insanity!

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