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KC Conception As A Presenter of the X Factor Philippines

KC Conception, one of the younger sisters of Carmina Villaroel and one of the daughters of Gabby Conception, said Charice deserves to be a judge on the Philippine version of the X Factor.

She does not need to talk. Let me write what is on her mind.

Charice has been known to be bringing pride not just to Filipinos but to also other Asians like Nicole Scherzinger. Her appearance on Glee was phenomenal since it made Lea Michelle a.k.a Rachel Berry a bit inferior. It proved that Mariah Carey cannot sing live and that Regine Velasquez does not need an application called "auto-tune".

KC, the sweet lady who was educated in Paris, came from her recent ups and downs. She was left by a very sexy stud. Her mother, Sharon Cuneta, also left ABS-CBN to grab a big amount of money in the station's pet rival.

However, does KC deserve a seat in the TV show? Take note, X Factor is known for having 3 things:

a. a male host, regardless if the male is a real one or a fake beautiful one

b. a British-accented host, even though Americans are not able to grasp what he is saying

c. a real talented host, not a relative of a superstar. Just like this one below who is still SINGLE:

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