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My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience
Last Holy Week, I went home to Sagada. I spent three days in my hometown. The climax of my vacation was an adventure to Sumaguing Cave.

Sumaguing Cave is ten minutes away from our house. By the way, I live in Ambasing. We woke up at five and went directly to the cave. We were eight. My cousin Baniaga was our tour guide. He lit the lamp and there we go!

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: Ready to get wet, with my sister-in-law Mary and cousin Karen. We waited outside the cave in that very early morning. We thought we would be the only group in the cave. But we were wrong.

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
Follow the light. Follow where it leads you. Baniaga is an excellent tour guide. Though his lines were all scripted, I still found my cousin witty and charming. Baniaga was in red t-shirt. I envy him because he has got a fairer skin than what I've got. The other guy is my nephew Ace who was entering the cave for the first time. 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
There were steps to follow when you go down the King's Curtain. Of course, my legs are not that long so I needed some special assistance. The King's Curtain is the grandest limestone formation inside the Sumaguing cave. This was really breathe-taking! I felt I was a contestant to the Amazing Race. 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
As you can see, I managed to pose in front of the camera. Sumaguing Cave has stalactites and stalagmites. King's Curtain is really the most majestic creation of God inside the cave. There stood a set of curtain-like 20-feet rock. 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
The Tunnel is the most challenging part of the cave. This part is the most delicate one. If I will lose my grip of the rope, I will fall down into a deep pool of water. My cousin Marianne accidentally made a wrong move while holding the rope and there she fell into the water. She landed onto a rock inches below the water level. Yet we were all enjoying the adventure!

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience:
 Me and Karen have been close friends inside the cave. Well, in real life we are closer friends. We always asked the photographer (Marianne) to take pictures of us. We felt we were stars and our cousin Marianne was the paparazzi! 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
Upon reaching the deepest allowable part of the cave, we rested. There were  three groups of tourist who entered the cave with us in that early hour of the day. Their tour guides were our acquaintances so we managed to converse while resting. There are two groups of tour guides in Sagada. I recommend SaGGas. It is the legal group that deposits an amount of money to the Sagada treasury. 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience: 
Going back, we took another route- no more The Tunnel. I was wet already. But I was not chilling. It was a very great experience of entering the Sumaging cave after years. I was still in my full smile when we reached the end of Sumaging Cave adventure. I think the next one that I have to try is Cave Connection wherein we will follow routes from one cave to another. Sagada has more than five caves intertwined with each other. 

My Sagada Sumaging Cave Experience:
I entered the cave when I was in second year high school, for the first time. The next time was with my childhood neighbour playmates. We went naked while inside the cave actually. The third was with my cousins. Now, it is my fourth time to experience the unmatched adventure of Sumaging Cave in my hometown Sagada. 

From our Sagada Hymn: 


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