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My Sagada Tourism Report
Sagada is a top-recommended place to visit. The town-resort offers a complete package of memorable adventures and worthwhile stories to share with Metro-raised people of the world. 

In fact, travel agencies like the place because Sagada is:

1. Full of wonderful places like Sumaguing cave, Bomod-ok Falls, Echo Valley etc

2. Affordable in terms of everything: cheap food, inn, goods, vegetables etc

3. Almost complete with what tourists need such as lodging, boarding, safety institutions etc.

4. Accessible due to continuing road construction and  with the help of the GL/Lizardo bus line

Regarding the natural beauty of Sagada, there is no doubt that it is rated excellent by every traveller who accidentally or incidentally landed on the Sagada soil.

However, it seems that Sagada is receiving very negative comments regarding its customer service:

a.    Foods being served are not good. Tourists have no choice since there are only a few restaurants in the town. Moreover, they say they just ate the served food because they were so terribly hungry.

b.    Restaurants have poor customer service. Sagada restaurants have staff members who are sarcastic and tourists say the staff move very slowly, resulting for ordered food to be served   after a long period of waiting. And when tourists complain, the rationale is that the restaurant is not a fast-food one.

Meanwhile, Sagada continues to gain excellent comments about:

a.    Inns, restaurants and transient houses are fairly good. Blogs have it that boarding areas in Sagada are affordable, clean and recommendable. Good spirit leads these satisfied tourists to carry the contact information of owners of these inns and transient houses for future purposes.

b.    Some service foods in Sagada are exciting and unique like etag, pinikpikan and halo-halo with macaroni.

c.    The tour guides from SAGGAS and SEGA are pleasing and passionate. In fact they are being appreciated for their communications skills and their Englsih-speaking abilities.

d. Lizardo/GL bus line is a brand of safe journey to Sagada. WLizardo/GL bus line has a record of almost no accident while traversing the Cordillera ranges to bring these excited tourists to the spectacular town of Sagada. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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