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One Direction and My Direction When Tuned In to the Boy Band
I learned first about the British boy band One Direction when I was assigned to make entertainment polls. Two weeks ago, I found myself reading tens and tens of articles on entertainment sites mentioning the boy band.

As a big fan of European musicians such as Sarah Brightman, Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder, Cheryl Cole and others, I stopped and went directly to Google to ask more about One Direction.

I learned that One Direction has been a finalist contestant to the X Factor UK (which is I believe far off better than the US version).

Then the next thing I did was to log into YouTube (as usual) and there I started with “What Makes You Beautiful”. And I was totally drinking a potion served to the nerves of my ears and heart by this British boy band.

I was captivated.

I was addicted.

I was swayed.

What makes me love this group? First of all, the boys have got the voice. Yes, sorry for other boy bands but this group has really got the basics of a boy band.

Second, the group is clean from scandals and irresponsible activities.

Third, the group has cute members who speak the cutest English accent ever!

What is the total effect of listening to One Direction? I become younger. Yes! I am a 22-year old music avid and whenever I tune in to the group I become sweet sixteen! I become a high school student. Makes me remember the days when I was so obsessed with copying lyrics of songs and doing some scrap-booking!

Thanks One Direction! Thanks Simon Cowell.

My prediction: One Direction is the next Westlife. The group will even become bigger than Westlife. 

One Direction forever young!

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