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Presenting Marlene Aguilar
Marlene Aguilar is the mother of Jason Ivler who was a fugitive in the US and in the Philippines. He is also the sister of the great singer Freddie Aguilar who sang the country’s most popular song. 

Marlene is a book author slash singer. Wanna see her sing? Wanna see her talk the American way? Wanna see her pose for a poster? Wanna see her talk to reporters and promote her concert in the middle of her son's arrest? Because you deserve best, pictures of Marlene Aguilar are all yours.

Marlene Aguilar: the Motherly Sigh. Remember her calling her "lawyer" but it was actually his son who was hiding inside their basement? She was hiding her son in their house while policemen thought the American-Filipino hunk slash criminal left the country.

Marlene Aguilar: the Heavenly Portray. She is a morena. She is a native Filipina. No question about her beauty especially when she wears make up and asks the photographer to use the magic of Adobe Photoshop.

Marlene Aguilar: the More Heavenly Portray. No my dear, it is not yet the end of the world. 

Marlene Aguilar: the Most Heavenly Portray. Yes, that is her back. It is Marlene trying to attract you to attend her gigs. Promise, no more commenting!

Marlene Aguilar: Love Me Tender

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