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Stolen Babies of Spain and the Roman Catholic Nun

Spain is being haunted by stolen babies. This is history! The very first suspect in a case on illegal adoption is now being held by the authority. She is a Roman Catholic nun. 

According to reports, Roman Catholic nuns stole babies in hospitals years ago. They sold the babies to desperate couples that cannot conceive. Some received the babies as gifts. These nuns provided fake birth certificates, as stated in news reports.

The courageous men who filed a case against the nun are childhood friends who are now 40. After knowing that their known parents are not their biological parents, they tracked down  the person who is responsible for their bleeding hearts.One described himself (as a stolen baby) as a kilo of tomatoes in the market. 

Look at these people who speak of sins. According to the Spanish court, it is unlikely that victims of the stolen babies, who are now on their 40’s or 50's cannot bring the case to court. This is a landmark case and I believe the Pope will admit what is happening. I hope so that the rumor that the missing British girl is not one of them.

By the way, the nun is Sister Maria Gomez. She has denied all the allegations. Here is her picture. In fairness, it is not only her who has been rumoured to be part of the crime. There are tens of nuns who should be punished my "man" but the court says no evidence can be shown to prove claims against them. Welcome to hell! I do not like to say that she is still innocent. My heart knows she is guilty. People can prove what she did years ago. She shall be burned at the stake! Dear Pope, do not be hypocrite AGAIN. 

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