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Baguio Blogger’s Conference: Thanks to Organizers

May 19, 2012- The first Baguio Blogger’s Conference was a huge success, with over one hundred participants from Baguio and other areas. I arrived at the University of Baguio Square Hall at 8: 05 in the morning and registered as the 55th participant of the event.

Smart Jump was one of the sponsors. Smart gave us free load (P32 Smart Money) which we used to apply for their one day mobile internet service. After hitting the “like” Facebook fan page of Smart Jump, we were given an additional note pad and a Smart souvenir item, which was a fan.

I knew only two persons in the venue: the former editor-in-chief of White and Blue and a Mass Communication graduate who is a one-year junior to me. I stayed alone in the middle of the hall with no seatmate at all. 

Tens and tens of bloggers and aspiring bloggers flocked to join the event. Blogging in the rural metro is not popular, so the panel of speakers enticed everyone to make a blog or blogs and keep blogging what we love and like. 

The most memorable speaker for me was the 19-year old travel blogger Joven Chico. Joven is a Saint Louis University engineering student. He said traveling does not mean going in far areas like El Nido and Boracay. According to the young blogger, travel can deal with uncovering spots in your hometown that has not yet been discovered. His presentation was spiced up with exciting graphics. Lovin' this guy!

When food blogger Ane Fallarme opened the floor for questions, I was one of those who asked. I asked her about her limitation on the food she covers. I directly asked her if she can write about “dog meat” since that is one of the most controversial dishes in the Cordilleras. She said she can in the future, but admits she is not yet ready at the moment to tackle about the controversial dish.

I threw my second question to Dean Cuanso, who has the best vocal tone ever in the event (wink). His voice was relaxed and modulated and I loved his speech on monetizing blogs. My question was a bit technical, very long. I asked him about how bloggers can protect themselves from people who sabotage their advertisements through incidental excessive clicking. One member of the speaker’s panel stole the mic and gave me some “controversial” answer. The guy said he should be personally approached to know how to re-appeal if permanently banned from Google Adsense etc. 

The climax of the event was the time when I won a one-year free webhosting from www.solidhosting.ph during the raffle draw. I was one of the around twenty to be given a voucher from Solid Hosting. I was so  thrilled so now, I am thinking about my plans. Thanks Solid Hosting very much. I will email you soon. Solid Hosting is one of the sponsors of the event.

I was met by a smiling organizer of the event. He shook hands with me while confirming my name "Christian?". It’s Dan Feleciano, the owner of www.igorotjournal.com, my favorite blog. It is a big credit to be recognized via face (haha). I also went to thank Katherine Pe for informing me about the event. She tweeted me about the event days ago. Thanks to Twitter also. 

I gained insights that I will be using to do more in the cyberworld. More blogging events to come! Thanks to the organizers of the first Baguio City Bloggers’ Conference. See you around. 

*Photo courtesy of Azrael's Merryland

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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