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God (Whoever You Are) Bless Syria

Yesterday made me realize that Syria is the worst country these days. Not the Philippines at all! One hundred eight people were massacred in Houla, a town in Syria. A picture on the CNN website seems to show a pile of sacks of rice but oh, the picture actually shows dead bodies of women and children wrapped with sacks.

The world finds this incident the worst, and best to terrorists. It is at the height of my emotion to curse this Muslim land! 

Why is it that Muslim lands are full of terrors? Why is it that there are women and children being tortured to death in countries that are guided by Quran? I am not saying that Muslims are terrorists. I just find it ironic (well, Christian lands are full of corrupt officials). As far as my memory can recall, Muslim lands are dangerous. Some people there can slit the neck of children to death and rape women mercilessly, without a thought that such acts will happen to their own family members someday. Well, Christians (and others) can also those things to be fair with Muslims who are really good. 

I remember a lady in a DSWD center that we visited years ago. She is a Muslim brother. She claimed that real Muslims are kind. She said that the real Quran says similar principles with the Christian’s Bible. This lady, who comes from a good family in Mindanao, travelled to Baguio as a maid. Some of her family members were killed from a conflict on land boundaries. When she came to Baguio, she worked as maid to a Chinese family. She was locked in a room and was starved with no conscience at all. She was rescued by DSWD through her friend. She said true Muslims are similar with Christians. They also do good things. All her statements violated the perceptions of the world to Muslims. I believe her.

My heart is for those innocent children who were killed in the chaos in Syria, and in any Muslim land. I do not understand why people need to do the killings. It is madness. And I fear that this madness is caused by their religious beliefs. But no! It is rooted from the egos of our Muslim brothers. Not poor religion!

What should we do to help Syria? Send more Red Cross or United Nations volunteers? Then we see them kidnapped and killed! Send more military troops? Then we see critics saying it is not our business to save Syria! Send Manny Pacquaio? No way, he will be killed in a second there. Send Sharon Cuneta there? No, she is busy bashing all her Twitter followers! How about sending Hilary Clinton instead of Kofi Annan? They can go both!

Or, just leave Syria alone and let all her women and children die in the hands of terrorists (not Muslims my dear readers).

During this time, we have nothing to do but to support international groups that are taking risk to rescue our Syrians brothers. We cannot just pray or give alms to the church (the alms go directly to the Church and no amount is sent to the kids in Syria). God has mercy and He will save all those who believe in Him. 

By the way, who is God? Is He the God of the conservative Christian politicians who have more than two mistresses and are against same-sex marriage? Is He the God who will save only the Born Again Christians and will punish Roman Catholics and Jews? Is He the God who has been guiding Kris Aquino through all her love life?

God, who ever You are, bless Syria. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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