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Lady Gaga: A Devil’s Messenger in Indonesia and in the Philippines?

One midnight, I received a text message about Lady Gaga as Satanic. The circulating message warned people not to watch her concert in Manila this May 21 and 22. Harrrr, not interested also. 

According to the message from a source who has never revealed who he or she is, Lady Gaga’s song Judah proved her being an advocate of the devil.

Truly, Lady Gaga’s songs, music videos, attires and gestures were hitting very critical issue on religions. Her songs use blasphemer words and unpleasant stories. Her concerts use almost naked people and gays, who are erroneously being considered the fount of immorality in any country.

In 100% Muslim country Indonesia, there is a very huge public demand to ban the singer. Reports have it that she will just pull down the immorality of the Muslim country. In the Philippines, her producers were also warned to tone down all the unpleasant things happening during her concerts. This is despite all her concert tickets were hotly sold like pancakes.

This is quite simple for me. Lady Gaga is a brand. She is a music brand. If you do not like what she is portraying on her music, then do not buy her albums. If you do not like the lyrics of her songs, then do not listen to her songs. If you do find her gestures too evil, then switch to other channels. If it is true that she does not deserve your attention, then why are you still tuned in to her?

Ironic, conservative people again! She won’t be that successful if she is wrong at all. Everyone knows that the real Lady Gaga is not the Gaga that we know on TV. She is an ordinary girl who eats pizza and who drinks water when thirsty. Her music has won her too much publicity and awards. All the dirty things she is doing are aimed at getting your attention. And you were swayed to see her.

Lady Gaga may be a devil’s messenger. And if you do not like her, do not go to her concerts. It is you who is giving yourself your own problem. As simple as that.

What I'm fearing today is that if she still pushes her concert in Indonesia, terrorists may plan bad things to create chaos during the event. Her 50,000-seat concert in Indonesia is sold out by the way.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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