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My Zalora Wishlist

What I am looking for in a physical or online store is its offer to the male population. Most online stores that I know rarely offer products for men. Maybe, the assumption that only women are into shopping is too strong that these stores prefer to concentrate selling items for women. Fortunately, I learned about Zalora. The online store categorizes its offers into men, women and kids groups. It is like "ahhh, sa wakas may pan-lalaki dito!"

Zalora sells a wide range of products. I am always amused looking at men's items like sneakers, shoes and accessories. There are also thrilling products for women and for our cute kids. Zalora offers local and international brandsy, like 101 New York, Plains & Prints and Timex. Moreover, what I love about Zalora is its special filter. It can show you products that are on sale (perfect buzz word!) and most importantly (my favorite), products that are under P999.

And my Zalora wishlist.....

My Zalora wishlist #1: Imagine me wearing this on a Tuesday!

1.    Men’s Polo (Article ID: HA659AA82HAJ). Every Tuesday, we use corporate attire. I wake up at five in the morning to prepare my pants, long polo shirt and necktie. I play with "color contrast" to look good. When I use a dark-colored necktie, I use my favorite light blue long polo. Most of my polo’s were bought three years ago from thrift shops or “ukay-ukay” stores here in Baguio. This green item is very wonderful. I love the combination of white, green and black. I can use this during Tuesdays and during special occasions. The reason why I love green is because people become better-looking when they wear something green (wink).

My Zalora wishlist #2: A pair of boots is a necessity if you are living in Baguio City.

2.    Men’s Desert Boots (Article ID: WA436SH90XZL). This pair of boots is a necessity since I work here in the rainy Baguio City. Rain pours here from May to February. I live in La Trinidad, a town near Baguio but work in the city. Since I have to travel half an hour to the city every day, I usually end up with wet socks and wet shoes. I need a pair of boots that won't allow rain water to enter the inside parts of the footwear. That is why I keep another pair of socks and shoes in my bag every time a typhoon hit our area.

My Zalora wishlist #3: Black shoes make men look for professional.

3.    Semi Square Toe Slip on Dress Shoes (Article ID: WA436SH24XYD): I am a fan of black shoes. Black shoes, whether paired with jeans or slax pants, look gorgeous. I use black shoes during Tuesdays only, when we are mandated to come in business attires. This semi square toe ship shoes looks very neat and formal. I love to have one pair of this when I receive my next salary. I think it is but right time to buy a new pair of black shoes.  My next salary would decide on that issue though. 

My Zalora wishlist #4:A wristwatch would remind me when I am late to work.

4.    Campers (ID: TI205AA07EXO-69687): The fourth in my wishlist is a dark blue watch. The last time my wrist wore a watch was last year. I lost the watch (or maybe a friend took it). I was considering to buy one last December but failed to do it. This Campers watch is superb for me. It is not very attractive and not super masculine, unlike other watches in the market. I just love its minimalism. Since I am not using any wristwatch now, I always depend on my cell phone for the time. A wristwatch would simply remind me how many minutes more before the lunch break is over. Thus, I do not have to bring with me my cell phone when I go somewhere else.

My Zalora wishlist #5: Mommy Lourdes would look classy wearing this dress.

5.    Brown Bodycon Dress (Article ID: MA347AA43ECY): My final item in my wish list is not for myself. Rather, it is for my mother Lourdes Lizardo- Aligo, who is always anxious when attending weddings and other special ceremonies. I remember her asking me about her attire for my graduation rite two years ago.  She arrived from Sagada, Mountain Province at 3 in the afternoon and we went on hunting for a perfect dress for her. She farms in our hometown and she is not into fashionable dresses. Fortunately, our cousin sent us a SMS telling us that she can lend my mom a dress. Last week, my mom was asking me again what dress should she wear since she is going to be a wedding godmother. I advised her to wear our Igorot attire “gateng” or "tapis". I was so busy this week so I was not able to meet her and help her fix herself for the feast. I chose this item since this looks brilliant on her body. My mother loves very simple dresses. She always reminds us that we are not rich so we deserve simple dresses. Excited to see her wearing this dress (someday)!

Zalora has special features to enjoy. It offers free shipping nationwide, cash on delivery, 30 days return policy and other worth-while factors that will surely give value to your money and your choice.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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