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OFW Served With Justice in Kuwait, OFW Sues Sharon Stone

The Criminal Court of Kuwait sentenced a Kuwaiti and his wife to death by hanging following the murder of their Filipina maid. The Filipina maid was tortured and was left unconscious body in a deserted area. The witness to the crime is the couple’s own son.

The tortured body was brought near a horse stable, crushed using a car so everything will appear as if the maid encountered a bad car accident. God,who ever is the true God,  bless her soul!

The family of the maid will be receiving compensation, as ordered by the Kuwaiti court.

I remember the “Shelter” documentary of ABS-CBN years back then. The documentary showed the situation of Overseas Filipino Workers in the Middle East being maltreated. It was grossly documented how the Philippine officials there neglectfully responded to complaints.

Meanwhile, Sharon Stone is being sued by her former nanny for defamation. According to the nanny, the Hollywood star had been offending her ethnicity and religion. However, the publicity of the actress denied all the accusations. It was revealed that the nanny was fired because she was not able to return some amounts that she should not have received.

Flor Contemplacion may be the most famous Filipino who were killed in other countries. People say these things happen due to the lack of diplomatic means of the country. But I say, otherwise.

OFW or Overseas Contractual Workers went abroad because they wanted slash needed bigger amounts of money being offered there. It is not because there are no jobs here.  They wanted to receive hundreds of thousands in a month, which an employee here would work for in more than a lifetime. There are hundreds of available jobs in the country. However, these jobs are “undesirable” to some. 

OFW's prefer going abroad because of the prestige of being a worker in a country not called “Philippines”. It is an honor to have a Facebook status that goes this way “working in London” or “nurse in New York”. “CEO in the Philippines” is even one hundred times cheaper than “taga-kuskos ng Kubeta sa Africa”. It is an honor receiving dollars or pounds. and it is also an honor to go home with slang expressions, you know!

I pray that every Filipino outside the country will have the best of their endeavors. I know they suffer a lot. Thanks to Manny Villar who has been consistently monitoring the welfares of our OFW’s. His actions may be politically inclined but at least, he is doing something good! Unlike those who criticize him but did nothing at all to help our needy OFW’s. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. In Arab countries these types of cases are pretty normal to be seen because some of the reasons. There are supposed to be serious steps taken for stopping these types of cases.


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